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Lil Jojo’s death no laughing matter

Published: Monday, September 10, 2012

Updated: Monday, September 10, 2012 19:09

Lil Jojo

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Lil Jojo

After Chicago-born rapper Lil Jojo was attacked in a storm of bullets near 69th and Princeton in Chicago’s Englewood, dying shortly after, rival hip-hop artist Chief Keef came under scrutiny.

A war of words had ensued over the past weeks between members of Chief Keef’s entourage and Lil Jojo that caused a local, small-scale “Biggie-Tupac” rivalry between the two rappers.

Now Jojo is dead. And Chief Keef mocked that fact through Twitter, ending a tweet about the death of the fellow rapper with “#LMAO”.

Immediately after Jojo’s death, his mother made statements claiming that her son’s death wasn’t gang-related, rather, that it happened due to feuds with other artists in the music industry, naming Chief Keef specifically.

However, Chief Keef has not been charged—nor has anyone else—in connection to the brutal murder of Lil Jojo.

If this is the case, then the entire rap community is negatively affected by the shooting being a direct result of feuding within the genre.

Chief Keef was careless and reckless with his post, and now he is under investigation from Chicago Police, who suspect he may be linked to the shooting.

Just because you are famous doesn’t excuse carelessness when tweeting, especially when it can potentially lead to violence. In fact, they should be frowned upon. Statements made by any public figure carry weight, and those in the public eye must tread lightly when tweeting, posting or making comments, especially regarding someone’s death.

Chief Keef’s behavior and lack of judgment in this case are disturbing and must come to an end.

Over the past two weeks, Chicago has been no stranger to violence, even amounting to 19 people getting wounded due to shootings in the span of one night.

But should the rap game, known for its often drug-related and violent lyricism, perpetuate this kind of senseless violence?

It is a shame that a small hip-hop rivalry and verbal bickering led to the death of a rising star who was only 18. What is even more unsettling is the fact that Chief Keef wasn’t rattled by the shooting, but blatantly joked about it.

Chicago-born rap phenomenon Lupe Fiasco also weighed in on the issue, tweeting to Chief Keef, heavily criticizing the violence he represents and advocates, saying, “We kings, not f------ savages and goons.”

Indeed, we are civilized people who live in a city riddled with violence, especially over the past month. Considering this happened in our own backyard, it is important to recognize that senseless killing is never the answer, and public figures need to understand this and stop bashing and provoking one another.

Yes, rap rivalries garner attention and are great for sales, but when someone is killed over something said in the hip-hop world, the age-old saying comes to mind: “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Especially when it is a matter of life and death.

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