College of Business increases study abroad opportunities

By By Meredith Dobes

Staff reporter

Published: Monday, April 16, 2012

Updated: Monday, April 16, 2012

Business students pose outside the Louvre trip to Paris in March 2012. Photo courtesy of Terry Friel

Photo courtesy of Terry Friel

Business students pose outside the Louvre trip to Paris in March 2012.

Business students pose in front of the Eiffel Tower. Photo courtesy of Terry Friel

Photo courtesy of Terry Friel

Business students pose in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Walter E. Heller College of Business is giving students more opportunities to study abroad with upcoming trips to Krakow, Poland and Madrid, Spain.

In March the college offered a trip to Paris, where students studied, toured the city and experienced French culture. The Krakow trip will be offered as an information systems course with a focus on a project for Motorola. The Madrid trip will be similar to the Paris trip, as it will offer classroom learning, city tours, corporate tours and cultural events.

“There’s some really high-tech, forward-thinking kind of stuff they’re going to have some excitement with,” Terri Friel, dean of the College of Business, said. “Motorola is trying to give them some ideas for ways they can expand the use of technology.”

Students will visit Motorola in Schaumburg on May 10 and visit Motorola in Krakow sometime between May 18-29. They will learn about the company technology and its current projects.

Students will complete and present a project for the company and take part in the MBA Congress at the Krakow University of Economics, a program that offers local business tours, speakers and a dress for success event.

“Our students are going to be there with other MBA students and faculty from all over Poland,” said Friel. “The students will get treated really well through the Congress, and it’ll be a busy week.”

Six students are going on the trip, which costs $2700 per person. It is the least expensive program the college has offered. The trip was offered to graduate students, as well as undergraduate juniors and seniors.

“It’s been really hard to get students interested in Poland,” Friel said. “I would highly recommend it. Krakow is a beautiful city. We’re apparently not talking to students or don’t have the programming right, but we’ll keep looking. Poland has a lot to offer.”

The college plans to have faculty members from Krakow teach at Roosevelt in the future.

The Madrid trip is scheduled for June 30 through July 7 and currently has two students signed up. However, since that time, the college has given recruitment sessions for the trip. The price of the trip is $3240. This is the first planned trip to Madrid.

Strategic management will be the focus in Madrid, and students will go on company tours, engage in classroom experiences, tour the city, visit a museum and attend cultural events.

“Visiting another country changes your perspective about everything,” Friel said. “It makes you think about the world in such a different way you can’t get from living in the United States. It’s hard to explain what happens to you. Our students [who went to Paris] weren’t gone that long but came back looking at the U.S. with very different eyes.”

The college will be looking into a trip to Melbourne, Australia over the 2012 fall inter-session break. During that time, it will be summer in Australia.

“Now that we know our students are interested in going overseas and we know they have money for trips they want to go on, we’re going to try to put some programming out there that will satisfy their wanderlust and do some things that will expand our global reach a bit,” Friel said.

The college also is considering another trip to Paris for spring break 2013.

“Where people keep their minds open and reach beyond what they’re able to hold onto is where people make the greatest impact,” Friel said. “That’s what keeps people young too, stretching yourself, testing yourself, asking questions beyond what you’re comfortable with. That’s one of the best reasons to travel.”


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